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We produce dynamic content for television and online distribution. From concept to delivery, our creative team love to get their ‘hands-dirty’ and produce stunning films which its end-viewers will remember and share. No matter if it’s a 30-second TV advert, a social media nugget or a how to video, we have it covered.

A Modern Approach

Create, Capture, Transmit & Distribute – Our Unique Workflow Process

Live production is a complex process, but our Create, Capture, Transmit & Distribute workflow process makes it simple.

Our mission is to help you to tell your story through the use of live video and audio. Live production is a complex process, but our expertise and robust Create, Capture, Transmit & Distribute production workflow significantly simplifies it.

Create is a two-step, two-way creative briefing process and is the essential building block to realise your vision. Create also defines the technical specification including key project milestones, scheduling, content specifics and live production plan.  

Pre-production is the vital ingredient in ensuring your live runs smoothly. It includes the generation of VT’s, motion graphics and assets which will be used during the live broadcast.


Capture is the live production. We capture your content using multiple cameras and insert or overlay the assets generated during the
pre-production phase. Ultimately, this is where we give our best value.  

Transmit Using our 4G, satellite and wired internet bonded hardware, we get your production from anywhere to everywhere.


Distribute Weather you’re distributing for traditional broadcast or more modern CDNs, we’ve got it covered.  Our proactive and collaborative approach is central to Create, Capture, Transmit & Distribute and ensures you reach your audience.

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